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How does it work?

Rahiko install, own, and operate solar arrays on your unused rooftop to generate a renewable source of energy.

What are the benefits?

Both consumers and businesses are becoming more concerned with sustainability and environmental impacts. For Businesses looking to offset their carbon emissions, renewable energy holds numerous benefits in building consumer trust and the ability to market themselves as truly carbon-neutral.

As a building owner, this gives your property a unique selling point and increases the attraction of longer-term tenancies.

Aside from the feel-good of looking after our environment, Rahiko pay building owners a rental for their underutilised rooftop, and enables you to offer an energy discount to your tenants when compared to normal grid rates.

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Rahiko are the first rooftop solar generator in New Zealand certified for the production of Renewable Energy Certificates which enable Kiwi businesses to offset their carbon emissions through the generation of our renewable energy.

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